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When I entered the movie hall i had pretty much guessed what the story of the movie would be after watching the promos. Ranbir would be playing a rich guy who is pretty much laid back and does not care about the future. Then out of circumstances he’ll be forced to take charge of his life and will come trumps in the end with the help Konkana Sen Sharma. And I was right. The movie is as predictable as it could be. You can guess most of the times what’s gonna happen next. So what could be done when the story is not by your side. You could present the movie in a nice fresh format. You could extract the best out of the actors you’ve got. The music can help you out. The cinematography could be done nicely or you take care of minute details and Wake up Sid scores above par in all the other areas.

Yes there are similarities from “Dil Chahta Hai”, “Lakshya”  and “Luck by Chance” but when you’re watching the movie that never really bothers you and it should not be a reason for penning the movie down.

The movie is not brilliant(not something of the level of Kaminey or Dev D) and has its share of flaws too. Like some of the scenes of Sid (Ranbir) and his mother (Supriya Pathak) are pretty unreal and slightly high on melondrama. And I could think of a couple of other instances of the same as well. Also cutting down the movie by 10 minutes would also not have done any harm to the movie.

But overall its an above par movie with great performances from Ranbir and Konkana Sen Sharma. The movie manages to connect well with the audience and its a feel good, a definite one time watch. Ayan Mukherjee’s first attempt at direction is pretty much fresh.

Rating 6.5/10


Check out this review of Singh is Kinng

Now either the person who wrote the review was bribed by the producer of the movie….or he has no fucking  idea of what a good movie should be….or else he is a big big moron…

This movie is a total crap which makes no damn sense and believe me its definitely not humourous….. the turn of events are so illogical and poorly presented that I could only say to myself  “what the fuck” in the whole movie….

And for every adult who very much liked this movie i dont have to think twice before calling u a moron…..

In three words “Top Notch Mindfuck”.

My Rating: 1.5/10 (For the three times i saw Katrina’s cleavage)

Turtles Can Fly

Well I saw this movie sometime back and was really moved by the experience. This movie shows Iraq war and its consequences on the people through the eyes of a group of children and believe me its really very different from a typical war movie u’ll see. There is a sense of irony in almost every scene and only a very mature director could have done that.Simply hats off to the director. The cimematography of the movie too is excellent where some of the shots in the movie are too good. However the best thing about the movie are the child actors, who are absolutely outstanding in the roles specially a character Satellite who is very unique and yet very very real. For someone who likes to watch good cinema this is not a film to miss.

My Rating – 8.5/10


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