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Just finished watching 21 Grams again and the movie blew me again specially the ending. Its the combinations of words, music, direction everything that gets to you.

So thought compiling a few ending scenes of movies that have left a mark on me. And as you can imagine, this blog post could  be a big spoiler for you in case you have not seen the movies. So avoid pushing the play button on the movies you have not seen, you wouldn’t get the essence anyways. And if you have seen the movie, just relive the moments.

And yeah a few videos below do not allow embedding so just click the youtube link and watch it there.

1. 21 Grams


2. American Beauty


3. Cinema Paradiso


4. Trainspotting

The ending of the movie is just as awesome as the start!


5. Un Prophete


6. Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi


7. Fight Club


P.S.: This is an absolute random list. Another day it really could have been an entire different set.


My recent experience with bollywood movies has been great. Its been four movies on a trot I have come out of cinema hall feeling great.
The president is coming 8/10
Luck By Chance 8/10
Dev D 9/10
Delhi-6 8/10
Hoping the trend continues, can’t wait for the release of Gulaal.  Bollywood surely is turning it on, thanks to a few amazing directors coming up.

Also recently saw Prahar, great movie.


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